Lab News


July 2019

  • Suzanne is a guest on Layne Norton’s podcast Physique Science Radio in Tampa, FL.

June 2019

  • Suzanne presents at the American Diabetes Association meeting in San Francisco, CA.

May 2019

  • Devkota lab attends the Digestive Disease Week meeting in San Diego, CA.

  • Devkota lab celebrates Gus’ contribution to the lab and journey to medical school!

April 2019

  • Suzanne presents at the Basque Culinary Center in Spain.

  • Kruttika celebrates her birthday at Angelini in Los Angeles, CA.

March 2019

  • Suzanne presents at Gut Microbiota for Health in Miami, FL.

  • Suzanne celebrates her birthday at Slab in Los Angeles, CA.

January 2019

  • Kruttika Dabke begins her rotation in the lab!

  • Connie receives the Malaniak Award in Post-Doctoral Research Excellence.

December 2018

  • Connie celebrates her birthday at Capital Seafood Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Gus celebrates his birthday at Animal in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Devkota lab celebrates the holiday season with annual gift exchange.

November 2018

  • Anthony celebrates his birthday at Terra in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Suzanne speaks at Society in Science annual fellows symposium in Zurich, Switzerland

  • Amber celebrates her birthday at Badmaash in Los Angeles, CA.

October 2018

  • Devkota lab gets spooky for Halloween!

  • Devkota lab receives $1.9 million in grant funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust for IBD research.

  • Connie presents at Nerd Nite LA at Busby’s in Los Angeles, CA.

September 2018

  • Anthony wins the Elevator Pitch Contest for National Post-Doctoral Appreciation Week in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Gus presents at the IBIRI departmental meeting at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

August 2018

  • Amber DeVries begins her rotation in the lab!

June 2018

  • Connie & Anthony present at Digestive Disease Week in Washington, DC.

  • Connie presents at American Society of Microbiology in Atlanta, GA.

  • Anthony presents at American Society of Nutrition in Boston, MA.

  • New grant funding in collaboration with Drs. Charles Simmons and Wei Gao entitled 'Precision Newborn Health: Personalized Prediction of Childhood Outcomes based on Neonatal Variables'

May 2018

  • Devkota lab participates in the EEN Challenge for World IBD Day.

April 2018

  • Cedars faculty & staff celebrate the inaugural Microbe Club meeting.

March 2018

  • Suzanne attends Keystone meeting, "Microbiome, Host Resistance and Disease" in Banff, Canada.

  • Suzanne in conversation with Tim Hunt present at the Nobel Prize Dialogue meeting, "The Future of Food" in Yokohama, Japan.

  • Celebrated Suzanne's birthday at Sushi by H!

February 2018

  • Devkota lab goes on annual retreat in Escondido, CA.

January 2018

  • Kelly Kaihara (PhD) from Bio-Rad visits the lab for another round of single-cell RNAseq!

  • Suzanne presents at the Crohn's & Colitis Congress meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Marc Blazer of Noma comes to visit the lab.

December 2017

  • Celebrated Connie’s birthday at Forma!

  • Celebrated Gus' birthday at Gjelina!

  • JR finishes his rotation in the lab.

November 2017

  • Celebrated Anthony’s birthday at Lukshon!

  • The lab visits Shatto Lanes for a spirited bowling competition.

October 2017

  • Devkota lab hosts trans-kingdom workshop with Dr. Scott Handley.

  • 3rd Biannual Microbiome seminar. Dr. Scott Handley from Washington University, St. Louis presents talk entitled "Revealing Complex Interactions Between Viruses & Bacteria in Health & Disease".

  • Devkota lab attends the awarding of the Massry Prize to Drs. Jeff Gordon, Rob Knight, and Norman Pace for their contributions to microbiome research.

September 2017

  • Juan Raphael Caldera begins his rotation in the lab!

  • Suzanne gives mini-lecture on single-cell RNAseq for Cell Press/Bio-Rad webinar.

August 2017

  • Suzanne gives talk at FASEB Summer Research Conference in Steamboat, CO.

  • Abby presents poster at Summer Internship Poster day.

July 2017

  • Anthony attends STAMPS summer course work in at Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

  • Connie attends Advanced School of Quantitative Biology summer course at UC Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA.

June 2017

  • Gus Hendrick joins the lab!

  • Kelly Kaihara (PhD) from Bio-Rad spends the week teaching us single-cell RNAseq!

May 2017

  • The lab attends Digestive Disease Week conference in Chicago, IL.

  • Abigail Landers joins the lab!

April 2017

  • Echo Labs visits the lab and installs our new Revolve hybrid microscope!

  • Suzanne receives Cedars-Sinai Harris/IBIRI Collaborative grant with Phil Fleshner.

  • Suzanne receives the Sports Spectacular/Equinox the Science & Performance award at the Sports Spectacular Gala.

March 2017

  • Jonathan Braun visits the lab and gives Cedars-Sinai Pathology Grand Rounds.

  • Celebrated Suzanne's birthday at Jon & Vinny's!

February 2017

  • Automated mouse tattoo system from Labstamp is set up for more humane and reliable rodent identification.

January 2017

  • Devkota lab celebrates its 1 year anniversary!

December 2016

  • Celebrated Connie's birthday at Hinoki & The Bird!

November 2016

  • Celebrated Anthony’s birthday at Petty Cash Taqueria!

  • Suzanne gives lecture on “Microbiome in Obesity and Diabetes” at ADA’s Southern California Diabetes Research Symposium

  • Suzanne speaks at Society in Science annual fellows symposium in Zurich, Switzerland

  • Devkota Lab friend, Gail Hecht M.D., chair of gastroenterology at Loyola, visits the lab.

  • Jason Strong, CEO of the Australian Agricultural Company, visits the lab for a fantastic educational session on everything from antibiotic use in cattle to how to cook a perfect steak!

  • Marty Blaser M.D. visits the lab and gives the Cedars’ 2nd Bi-Annual Microbiome Lectureship.

  • Collaborator, Jessica Allegretti M.D. from Brigham & Women’s Hospital, visits the lab and gives Dept. of Medicine Grand Rounds. Teaches us about the wonderful world of fecal transplants!

October 2016

  • Flat bed PCR arrives to the lab!

September 2016  

  • Suzanne receives Cedars-Sinai Precision Health grant for "Application of Novel High-Throughput Microculture Technology to Identify Functional Microbiome Predictors of Patient Response to Chemoradiation Therapy".

  • Cedars-Sinai Precision Health Initiative launched - Rob Knight & Lon Cardon keynote speakers.

  • Suzanne gives Cedars-Sinai GI Grand Rounds.

  • Suzanne lectures at Gut Microbiome conference in Huntington Beach, CA.

  • Connie receives runner up prize for the Art of Research contest during National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

  • IBIRI faculty retreat at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

August 2016

  • Andy Featherston and his crew film the wonderful world of microbes for the Cedars-Sinai Precision Health Initiative in our lab.

July 2016  

  • Anthony Martin joins the lab!

  • qPCR farm is set up.

  • Devkota lab traded lab coats for aprons to take Julia Child cooking class at Sur La Table at The Grove!

June 2016  

  • Jackson Novick joins the lab as a summer high school intern in the Minors in Research Internship Program!

May 2016  

  • Connie Ha joins the lab!

  • Anaerobic chamber is set up.

April 2016  

March 2016

  • David Relman visits to give the inaugural Bi-annual Microbiome Seminar at Cedars-Sinai!

February 2016 

  • Suzanne gives Immunology Research in Progress seminar.

  • Suzanne is interviewed at the Sports Spectacular faculty showcase at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

  • Suzanne gives talk at Cedars-Sinai Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute Symposium.

January 2016

  • Devkota lab opens!

  • Suzanne's commentary on xenobiotic impact on the microbiome featured in Science.